The safest post driver on the market

Postpuncher was inspired by a desire to improve versatility and safety in the post driving market. Traditional post drivers can only be operated from the rear of a tractor and incorporate a potentially dangerous exposed driving weight. The manufacturer of Postpuncher recognised that many of today’s farmers and contractors had a requirement for a safer post driver that could be mounted on telehandlers, loadalls, back hoes, mini excavators and skidsteers. With its enclosed driving weight and universal mounting option, Postpuncher has met and exceeded these demands.

"The most versatile, effective and durable post driver in the world. We are proud of our product and its impeccable safety record. There is nothing like it on the market today"

The Postpuncher range has been designed with a number of groundbreaking features including:

A bright steel driving weight enclosed in a steel tube to allow safe operation in any conditions
A forward mounted capability. Postpuncher can be fitted to any tractor front end loader, telehandler, excavator, skidsteer, back hoe.
Postpuncher allows operators to drive posts in at angles of 45º and upwards.

Postpuncher is incredibly versatile and robust. It can be operated on slopes, in woods, over hedges, on river banks and over ditches.


Suitable for:

Deer and Game
Fencing Contractors
Local Authorities
Environment Agencies
Soft Fruit Farming
Hire Centres


The range

Square Postpuncher available

PP1 - drives in posts up to 125mm (5 inches).
It has a driving weight of 62kg and an overall weight of 140kg (excluding frame)

PP2 - drives in posts up to 200mm (8 inches).
It has a driving weight of 105kg and an overall weight of 210kg (excluding frame)

PP2M - drives in posts up to 200mm (8 inches).
It has a driving weight of 85kg and an overall weight of 175kg (excluding frame)

PP3 - drives in posts up to 280mm (11 inches).
It has a driving weight of 200kg and an overall weight of 385kg (excluding frame)



Frames can be manufactured to suit the needs of the individual customer and can be fitted with manual or hydraulic left or right tilt mechanisum.
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