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To combat the increasing theft of construction plant, Kubota has responded to market demands by introducing their unique key-based 'ANTI-THEFT' system as standard equipment on its mini excavators.

The easy-to-use system, the first of its kind fitted as standard from an excavator manufacturer, is yet another pioneering innovation from the world leader in mini excavators.

It's based on an individually programmed key for each machine that replaces the current universal starter key.  The key has an identification code embedded in an IC chip that incorporates a state-of-the-art immobiliser system. It starts and stops the engine like a conventional ignition key, and also opens the machine's cab door, fuel filler cap and engine canopy. Without it, the fuel, hydraulic and electric systems are fully immobilised. Any attempt to start the machine with any other key will activate the system's alarm.

Up to four Black operational keys can be pre-programmed with each new machine. An additional Red master key gives users the opportunity to easily reprogramme new unique Black operational keys, in the event of the original keys being lost or misplaced.  The act of re-programming new keys then invalidates the original keys.

The new 'ANTI-THEFT' system is now being fitted as standard to all machines from 1.5 to 5.5 tonnes across Kubota's popular KX series and U series zero tail swing ranges.

Said Richard Harrison, Sales & Marketing Manager, Kubota (UK) Ltd - Construction Equipment Division: "Statistics* show that more than £36m worth of plant equipment was stolen in the UK last year, up by £1.8m from the previous year. Excavators, particularly minis, remain some of the most desirable targets for thieves, which is why we have taken this important step forward in helping to beat theft.

Customers can also have their machines retro-fitted with satellite tracking systems through the nationwide network of specialist appointed Kubota dealers.

"The vast majority of existing construction plant & equipment security devices are retro-fitted and many of these are complicated and have drawbacks or limited effectiveness.  Our factory-fitted key system is very simple to use and is designed to provide an exceptionally high degree of security."
He said its introduction had already met with a favourable response from users. "Several customers delayed taking delivery of new machines until they could have them supplied with the new 'ANTI-THEFT' system - the world's first complete security system fitted as standard to mini excavators"

Kubota has made great strides in recent years in helping to reduce theft of its equipment. Amongst numerous measures taken, all Kubota machines are security marked with a 17 digit vehicle identification number, and machines and first owners are registered with The Equipment Register (TER).

Said Richard Harrison: "Immobiliser systems have helped bring about a marked reduction in car thefts since they were first introduced by automotive manufacturers.  We are confident the same will happen with our mini excavators now that we have the new 'ANTI-THEFT' key system in place - providing peace of mind for hire companies, plant users and owner operators alike."

As the UK, European and world leader in mini excavators, Kubota provides the widest range of machines available from a single manufacturer, with 18 base models spanning the weight range from 0.85 to 8.0 tonnes and including the increasingly popular zero tail swing minis.

Kubota mini excavators have a legendary reputation for quality, performance, reliability and excellent resale values and their versatility makes then ideal for many different applications and end-users, from construction to landscaping and for plant hire companies to owner operators.

A Kubota 'ANTI-THEFT' system information pack, together with a free key ring (whilst stocks last), can be obtained via the 'ANTI-THEFT' response hotline 01283 227593. Fax: 01283 552528. Email: anti-theft@kubota.co.uk  or from Kubota (UK) Ltd - Construction Equipment, Dormer Road, Thame, Oxfordshire, OX9 3UN,

*  Source: National Plant & Equipment Register (TER) annual report. The report said the top five areas for equipment theft are: Thames Valley; Greater London; Surrey; Essex; and Hampshire.  Recovery rates for stolen plant remains below 10%.

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