6 Tonne Power Swivel.  MACH 2264 (P/Shift)

6 Tonne Power Swivel.  MACH 2264 (P/Shift)

The Thwaites 6 Tonne Power Swivel, Stage V dumper is manufactured with contractors and hirers in mind – ensuring operator safety, reducing risk on site and improving performance. The Power Swivel skip enables a 90° rotation left and right, allowing the machine easier access to tip loads in restricted areas, giving the operator greater control and reducing risk on site.

Powered by a 3.6L Deutz turbo diesel engine fitted with a DPF to comply with EU stage V emission regulations, you benefit from 55.4 kW peak power, 405 Nm of torque and no AdBlue requirement. The Thwaites 6 Tonne Power Swivel is also available with a Powershuttle Transmission.

Thwaites 6 Tonne machines are available in a range of configurations to suit your needs including:

6 Tonne Power Swivel with Cab

6 Tonne Front Tip with Cab

6 Tonne Front Tip

A Spring Activated Hydraulic Release (SAHR) Handbrake, 5” screen displaying 150° around machine visibility, hi-vis steps, LED road lights and twin LED beacons are all fitted as standard.

Safe, compliant, and competitive.

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