Epiroc Hydraulic Compactors

Epiroc’s Hydraulic Compactors are designed for effective, low noise, compaction of soil in trenching, ground levelling. embankment construction, as well as driving in and pulling out posts, sheet piling and other formworks.



• optional 360° endless hydraulic rotation allows optimal positioning and precise handling (HC 350 and above).
• integrated flow and pressure control valve prevents overloading
• optional backfill blades for clearing and moving soil.
• no need for manual greasing thanks to the permanent oil splash lubrication.
• better force distribution and less strain on the carrier as a result of the outward shock mounts being tilted 15°.

Hydraulic CompactorCarrier Weight (t)Service Weight (kg)
HC1501.0 -3.0160
HC3503.0 – 8.0320
HC350 R4.0 – 8.0440
HC4504.0 – 9.0430
HC450 R5.0 – 9.0550
HC8509.0 – 20.0880
HC850 R9.0 – 20.01055